Saturday, March 6, 2010
This year's Non Traditional Careers Conference has grown dramastically. Last year we hosted 65 students from our local high schools. This year our registration is up to 200 students.

During this event students will be given the opportunity to actively participate in hands-on demonstrations and be given information about a particular career they may not have considered in the past due to thier gender.
Males can register for sessions such as: Early Childhood Education, Hospitality & Nursing.
Females can register for sessions such as:  Automotive, Construction Trades (Carpentry, Drafting, Electical, HVAC, Plumbing), Public Safety (EMS/Fire Science, Law Enforcement), and Welding.

Students can register with thier High School Counselors:
  • Cibola High School - Becky Garcia
  • Gila Ridge High School - Danny Marron
  • Kofa High School - Robert Chinourd or Theresa Garcia
  • San Luis High School - Rosa Coronado
  • Vista High School - Ramona Crumby
  • Yuma High - Christie McMorris
Feel free to contact the office with any questions


Office Staff

Larry Lebsock
Director & Vocational Projects
(928) 344-7742

Noemi MagaƱa
Articulation Assistant
(928) 344-7754

Office Location
CTE Building
2020 S. Ave 8E
Yuma, AZ 85365

Site Coordinators

Cibola High School
Matt Diamond

Gila Ridge High School
Greg Osowski

Kofa High School
Norm Champagne

San Luis High School
Neredia Lansman

Vista High School
David Crumby

Yuma High School
Lorie Honeycutt

Antelope Union High School
Janet Hill

Parker High School
Richard Lamb

Salome High School
Beverly Cochrain

Career Pathways

Career Pathways or "Progams of Studies" as some people refer to them are documents that map out a students educational career from the time they are a Freshman in high school throught thier Sophomore year at Arizona Western College.

Career Pathways were designed with the students in mind. They take into consideration thier educational and career goals, as well as thier extracurricular activities all while keeping a balanced workload. Below are a complete listing of Career Pathways. Click on the link to access the pathway.

Special Note: (T) next to a pathway indicates this is a Transferable Degree. All other degrees are terminal *

Accounting *

Agriculture (T) *

Agriculture *

Administration of Justice (T) *

Administration of Justice *

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration *

Architectural Technology *

Automotive *

Business (T) *

Business *

Carpentry *

Child Development *

Computer Information Systems *

Computer Graphics *

Electrical Technology *

Elementary Education *

Family and Consumer Sciences *

Hotel/Restaurant Management *

Marketing & Management *

Media Arts (T) *

Media Arts *

Plumbing Technology *

Secondary Education *

Television Production *

Welding Technology